Benefits of LOMA Membership

LOMA needs you and all other DOs in Louisiana to join us and help with our mission and goals which are designed to strengthen and grow the profession in Louisiana.  After a long history of licensing discrimination, LOMA worked to finally level the licensing playing field in 2005 and has thus benefited many DO's new to the state and all those who will work here in the future.  LOMA has developed new projects to benefit Louisiana's growing osteopathic family.  We are thus a vital organization that will continue to work on behalf of all present and future osteopathic physicians.  We invite and need all Louisiana DO's and other supportive providers to join LOMA and help us grow the profession.  Not only will you benefit directly as a LOMA member but you will also be supporting our association's many efforts on behalf of the osteopathic profession and your patients.  Your member benefits include the following:

  • CME conferences located in Louisiana with focus on inclusion of osteopathic philosophy (OPP)
  • Discounted CME tuition for LOMA members at all LOMA events and at any AOSED Consortium State CME meeting hosted by other state associations that are members of the consortium
  • Representation of the Louisiana DO and promotion of the state's osteopathic profession in professional, legislative, and public affairs
  • Positive efforts and force in counteracting discrimination through education and marketing
  • Resolution of practice-right, reimbursement, and dispute issues
  • Monitoring of healthcare issues and regulations that impact the osteopathic profession
  • Assistance with location of employment opportunities
  • Increased partnership & support activities with the AOA and LSMS
  • Timely information about the profession and opportunities for involvement
  • Active involvement in recruiting and assisting Louisiana applicants to Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Educational and training opportunities in Louisiana for COM students and Residents


2023 LOMA Member Dues (Follow the link to online dues form)

Download LOMA Membership Application! (Complete and submit payment later via mail or fax)