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The Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association

Use the links and forms on this site to register for LOMA's 14th Annual Convention, August 16-19, 2018 in New Orleans (see the article below).  We also hope you'll join LOMA as a member or renew your existing membership by completing the 2018 LOMA Online Membership Dues Form.  You can also download the Membership Application (see article below) if you prefer.  LOMA offers you various categories of membership to include our in-state Louisiana-licensed DO's and also out-of-state DO's, to non-DO providers, residents in training, and osteopathic medical students. In addition to registering for LOMA CME events and keeping your LOMA dues current, you can find a wealth of useful information on the American Osteopathic Association's website - www.osteopathic.org.  It provides a valuable education on the osteopathic profession and offers a useful search tool for the osteopathic professional and for others wanting to know more about DO's and the osteopathic profession. Allied healthcare providers, the public, our patients, and those interested in pursuing the profession will find valuable information and tools available on the AOA website.  If you have specific needs or suggestions, please let us know!


LOMA is a young association.  After emerging in 2005 from a decades-long era of licensing discrimination, LOMA has flourished with a new excitement and projects to benefit its growing osteopathic family.  Today, it is a vital organization working on the behalf of all present and future osteopathic physicians.  Follow the "Membership" tab at the top of this page to JOIN LOMA TODAY! more


LOMA's 2018 14th Annual Convention will be August 16-19, 2018 in the New Orleans French Quarter at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.  The educational program will offer a broad-based clinical agenda suited to primary care providers and many specialists.  To download attendee and exhibitor brochures or register online follow the "Annual Convention" tab on the left or the "Meeting/CME" tab at the top.  REGISTRATION IS OPEN!  DO IT TODAY! more