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The Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association

Register today for LOMA's 16th Annual Convention, August 26-30, 2020 in New Orleans and join LOMA or renew your existing membership.  We offer various categories of membership to include Louisiana-licensed or out-of-state DO's, non-DO providers, non-physician providers, residents-in-training, and osteopathic medical students. As a member affiliate of the AOSED CME CONSORTIUM, LOMA provides member-rate tuition to dues-paid members of their home state associations.  So, as a dues-paid DO member of LOMA you qualify for tuition discounts at all AOSED CONSORTIUM STATE CME EVENTS!  Join LOMA now to gain that member benefit!  Download our consortium "CMEprn" APP to find consortium meetings throughout the US. 


Since receiving initial COCA accreditation, our new COM has neared completion of its magnificent building, begun recruitment of its inaugural Class of 2024 to enroll this July, and has employed initial strategic staff and faculty.  Open positions can be viewed at: https://www.vcom.edu/employment.  We are also working to identify preceptors and training sites.  If you're interested, contact founding Dean Ray Morrison, DO by email at [email protected] or by business phone at 318-342-7100.  View the developing campus and read additional information here: https://www.vcom.edu/vcom-louisiana-live-stream.  We are excited that LOMA will have a new office at the COM!  Plan to come visit us!


LOMA successfully worked to end licensing discrimination against LA DOs in January 2005.  Louisiana was the 50th state to grant DO licensing parity.  LOMA has since benefited Louisiana's small but growing osteopathic profession.  LOMA serves YOU and all our future LA DOs.  A huge stimulus to our development is the new VCOM-LA in Monroe.  It is now selecting our inaugural Class of 2024!  Please get involved, help us grow, and be a part of Louisiana's osteopathic future!                            JOIN LOMA TODAY! more


LOMA's 16th Annual Convention is August 26-30, 2020 in New Orleans at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.  We will offer an excellent clinical agenda suited to PCPs and many specialists.  And, we'll make sure you have time to enjoy the 302 year-old city - all it's history, great food, sights, and activities!  To download an attendee or exhibitor and supporter brochure or register online follow the "Annual Convention" tab on the left or the "Meeting/CME" tab at the top.  Registration is Open!                                                                                      DO IT TODAY! more