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The Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association



LOMA was seriously impacted in 2020 and 2021 by the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricanes which canceled our Live ANNUAL CONVENTIONS!  We offered great ONLINE/ON-DEMAND programs to those registered for the live events and those not able to travel.  All 2022 ANNUAL CONVENTION registrants will also be able to view live and/or Online/On-Demand recorded presentations to fit individual needs.  If unable to attend the live meeting, just select the non-live option when you register.  Either way, Online/On-Demand recorded presentations will be available for 30 days. Plan your 2022 NOLA trip now and visit the New Orleans Conventions and Visitor's Bureau website at https://www.neworleans.com/ where you'll find everything you need to know, what you can do, and the great food you can find in NOLA - "Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler" 


Welcome to the inaugural issue of the LOMA Legislative Gazette, a free publication provided by the Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association to keep our osteopathic physicians in the state abreast current advocacy matters. We hope to bring you a regular newsletter that will be brief but informative.  Issues will be posted routinely on this website (see the heading at the top of this page) and will be emailed occasionally to keep our members up to date on legislative matters and invite your participation in legislative matters that will have positive or negative impact to our profession and patients.  Click HERE  to view the inaugural March 2022 issue of our LLG.  Watch for more issues!


LOMA serves YOU and all future LA DOs!  All present and future LA DOs benefited from our push to finally achieve DO Licensing Parity in Louisiana as the very last state (#50) in January 2005! And, we continue to advocate on your behalf.  So please support LOMA’s continuing critical work with your membership. As one of our LOMA dues-paid members, you also earn tuition discounts to CME EVENTS of all other state association affiliates that belong to our AOSED CME CONSORTIUM! JOIN LOMA TODAY! more
VCOM-Louisiana opened in 2020 on the ULM campus. Its operation is a huge stimulus to Louisiana’s osteopathic future as its mission addresses physician shortages in rural underserved Louisiana with 81% of the state designated as being a Health Professional Shortage Area by the Louisiana Department of Health. The Inaugural Class of 2024 will soon complete its second class year and will begin year three rotations!  Click here to view the amazing campus and take a Virtual Campus Tour.